Dirt Wood Brass is dedicated to creating beautiful, elegant and hand crafted home decor to complement your home's aesthetic.


Dirt A. Haehnel was born and raised in Vermont where he got his start in carpentry at a local antique restoration shop. He left Vermont for New York City where he met his girlfriend, Elizabeth and they eventually moved Upstate. Dirt quickly found a home in the Hudson Valley maker community where he met and worked for renowned furniture maker Michael Robbins.


After 3+ years at Robbins' shop, Dirt was offered a fellowship at the Center For Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine. While leaving the Hudson Valley was bittersweet, he was happy to be returning home to New England.


Dirt went on to create his own line of high-end home decor and started Dirt Wood Brass, named after the three main ingredients of each product: natural hardwood, brushed brass and Dirt's sweat equity.

Every Dirt Wood Brass product is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted to order in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Like a finger print, the hardwood grain makes every piece an individual. With this in mind, every product is numbered and signed before delivery. ​

All products are available in three signature finish styles...


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