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Dirt Wood Brass is dedicated to creating beautiful, elegant and hand crafted home decor to complement your home's aesthetic.


Dirt got his start in carpentry around 8-years-old when his mom, Heidi, wanted to turn two basement rooms into one via the connecting wall that they assumed (prayed) was non-load-bearing. This adventurous start brought him to Meeting House Furniture Restoration in Woodstock, Vermont, down to New York City, up to the Hudson Valley—where he spent 3 years working for Michael Robbins—and eventually back to New England, where he was granted a fellowship at the Center For Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockland, Maine. Dirt left CFC with a line of home decor and launched Dirt Wood Brass.

Dirt Wood Brass builds and designs custom-to-order in addition to holding a small inventory of products. For all inquires and purchase information contact Dirt:
(518) 407 - 9288


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