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Dirt Wood Brass is dedicated to creating beautiful, elegant, unique decor to complement your home's aesthetic.


Dirt got his start in carpentry when his mom, Heidi, decided one big room was better than two little ones. The plan–a connecting wall they assumed (prayed) was non-load-bearing and her 8 year old son with a sledge hammer.


This adventurous start eventually brought him to Meeting House Furniture Restoration in Woodstock, Vermont, down to New York City, up to the Hudson Valley—where he spent 3 years working for Michael Robbins—and in 2020 back to New England, where he was granted a fellowship at the Center For Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockland, Maine.


Dirt left CFC with a line of home decor that launched Dirt Wood Brass and has been exploring the craft at his shop in Portland, Maine since.

Dirt Wood Brass builds and designs custom-to-order in addition to holding a small inventory of products. For all inquires and purchase information contact Dirt.
(518) 407 - 9288


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